Our professional pest control service

  • Provided by highly qualified technicians being licensed by California Structural Pest Control Board.
  • Specialized in providing excellent treatments to create a pest- free environment for you and your family.
  • Guaranteed for most of the general pests included ants, bed bugs, roaches, crickets, rodents, spiders, and so on.

One-Time Extermination

  • We provide one time treatment with a service guarantee period for the customer who has the occasional invading pests.

Our Maintenance Service

  • Monthly Service…Mostly for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and nursery homes. Our technician will visit every month and treat all kinds of general pests. To keep your place safe and free from damages caused by bugs, this is the best maintenance plan for your business or home. There is no charge for service calls in between regular services.
  • Bi-monthly Service…Mostly for residential. Visit every other month and same treatment as monthly service.
  • Quarterly Service…Visit four times a year and same treatment as monthly service.
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