Termite inspection fee is waived if you order termite work to us.


Termite Infestation

  • Homeowners suffer huge property losses due to termites every year.
  • Termites can enter your home through a crack or opening as thin as a piece of paper and infest almost every part of your home.
  • Termite never stop eating wood.

Keep your home safe from termite

  • Our termite specialists do the inspections and report for the detail evaluations of your termite infestation.
  • We offer many treatment options for specific wood-destroying organisms.
  • Our licensed and insured experts take care of any damage caused by termites.


  • The T3i All Sensor is the most accurate and non-invasive detector available.  The unique 3-in-1 design incorporates Termatrac’s patented radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence.
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